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We can help to build your custom calculator (For Non-Technical Users)

If you would like our help to create a FREE calculator on JSCalc.io, please provide more details on the calculator you are planning to build.

For example, sample or demo calculator, how does the calculator work, the purpose of calculator, any mathematical formulae involved, etc.

Our Team will evaluate your requirements and feedback if we are able to help you on this.

The priority and maximum number of calculator we can help to build are based on your current subscription plan on JSCalc.io

*Please mention your current subscription plan on JSCalc.io

Free User: 1 Calculator (When Available)

Regular User: Maximum 10 Calculators (High Priority)

Premium User: Maximum 20 Calculators (Highest Priority)

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JSCalc.io is a free and open-source web service that reduces the task of creating an embeddable, mobile-friendly calculator to writing a single Javascript function.

This is the support section of JSCalc.io and you can submit a ticket or reach us via this support system.